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Dickies have teamed up with Yardsale on a small run of pieces that will release this Friday (6th November). The collaboration is comprised of Yardsale’s take on two staple pieces that Dickies are known for - work shirts and short workwear jackets.

Yardsale is a London based company that has recently launched hardware, this being the natural next step for a group of guys that have skated together for years. The strong graphic identity of Yardsale is represented in product and footage, with the latter being arguably more important in skateboarding terms.

Dickies | Occurs Edit

Phil Anderson along with Alex Ullmann, Mark Metzler and Modo Matinda got together with Filmer Felix Löchel for this great edit showcasing the best of the German Skate Scene right now!

Dickies OCCURS from Dickies Europe on Vimeo.

Dickies x French Californians

We previously announced collaboration between Dickies and the Parisian concept store French Californians: three illustrations on three products.

Check out the video below:

Cheers for those that came long and to Wall Street Hot Dogs & Desperados!

Dickies x Californians French - Launch Party

The parisian concept store, French Californians will be launching its collaboration with Dickies on Wednesday, September 30th from 7pm until 10.30pm

This collaboration is based around 3 illustrations on 3 different Dickies products.

Keep an eye out for updates and pictures soon!

Dj set by Emerik Derian & Hot Dogs by Le Tricyle

Check out their Facebook for more information.

French Californians, 19 rue Tiquetonne, 75002 Paris
Dirt wars Round 5 Holdshott

So the season is almost over and although we have had a few venue and date changes we have managed to avoid the harsh weather the UK has had this summer and sent every round off in the sunshine.

Our penultimate round 5 was held at Holdshott Trails in Hampshire on the 6th of September and what an amazing day it was with blazing sunshine, Awesome trails and a level of riding that has really superseded what we expected from this year.

Miniramp Contest Hall, Innsbruck, Austria

This Weekend! After years of abuse the Hall Mini Ramp was no longer ridable.

The original builders and a few helping hands decided to get together and fixed the ramp and after 3 months of hard work it is back in top condition and ready to rip!

To celebrate, Xdouble Shop in Innsbruck decided to organize a contest at the ramp on 26th of September.

With 2000€ up for grabs, The Contest will consist of a Mini Ramp Battle. 4 Skaters in each run (8-10minutes)with the final consisting the Best 8 Skaters in a ko system (2 Skaters each run 6 minutes

Wild in the Streets, Manchester

This weekend in Manchester, UK. Get down there if you can to join this great event!

DMR Dirt Wars UK FMB Bronze Round 4 Chicksands.

After being let down on our original venue for round 4 Dirt Wars UK Rocked up to Chicksands Bike Park on the 16th of August for another round of Dirt Jump Madness.

We have used Chicksands in the early days of Dirt Wars but it seemed to go off the map a bit in previous years due to the old Dirt Jump Crew hanging up their bikes and no longer digging or maintaining the jumps.

That all changed at thye beginning of this year when Ali Dunn and his little crew started rebuilding the old comp line and shredding it over the weekends.