Brand new site, same good old Dickies

Dickies Streetwear

Back in 1922 when C. Don Williamson started what today is known as Dickies with his father and cousin we doubt they could have imagined just how influential what they were creating would be. You see while we stick to our roots and are proud of our heritage we’re also keen to listen to the millions of people all over the world that have made our clothes their own. People like you.

Because these days if you’re wearing Dickies for their ruggedness, quality, or for their attitude you could just as easily be a plumber or carpenter as a roadie or a skateboard running, fixie riding, mosh-pit banger. And that’s why we’ve created this brand new site. To talk with all of our people. Whoever and wherever you are.

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You’ll find all the latest news here, new products and latest lines, including our collaborations with other brands. You can also stay on top of what’s happening with our blog, there’ll be competitions and insider knowledge to be shared. Plus loads more for you to get your teeth into.

Vist our facebook page and 'like us' to keep up with all the news and promotions - and check out the full timeline of Dickies' history So get involved and see what we’ve got for you because over time this site is going to evolve and we want you to be a part of that.